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Experience the reliability and innovation of Graco at Duck Worth Wearing! Founded in 1942 as Graco Metal Products, Graco has a rich history in manufacturing and innovation. It was in 1955 that engineer Rex Thomas introduced the world to the Swyngomatic, the first automatic baby swing. Since then, Graco has become a trusted name specializing in a wide range of baby and juvenile products

Discover a world of essential baby gear with Graco's extensive range of car seats, strollers, high chairs, playards, swings, and more. From ensuring your little one's safety during car rides to creating comfortable spaces for play and mealtime, Graco's products are designed to meet the needs of modern parents. Graco's commitment to user-friendly designs sets them apart. Their products feature intuitive features, easy assembly, and clear instructions, making them a breeze to use and operate.

At Duck Worth Wearing, we have a pre-loved selection of Graco's finest products, offering you the opportunity to provide your little one with the utmost comfort, safety, and convenience. Discover why Graco is the trusted choice of parents worldwide at Duck Worth Wearing!