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Little Tikes

Embark on a world of active fun with Little Tikes at Duck Worth Wearing, where playtime knows no bounds. Since its establishment in 1970 by Thomas G. Murdough Jr., Little Tikes has been dedicated to creating durable, plastic toys that ignite the imaginations of infants and toddlers.

Little Tikes believes in the power of active play and outdoor exploration. Their toys and playsets are designed to inspire physical activity, foster gross motor skills development, and spark imaginative adventures. From bounce houses and ride-on toys to play kitchens and sandboxes, Little Tikes encourages kids to get moving and let their imaginations soar. Not only are their toys designed with kids in mind, but Little Tikes also considers parents' needs. They strive to create toys that are easy to assemble, clean, and store, making life easier for busy families.

Discover our pre-owned collection of Little Tikes toys at Duck Worth Wearing and bring the joy of active play into your home. Get ready for endless smiles, laughter, and unforgettable playtime memories with Little Tikes at Duck Worth Wearing!

Little Tikes