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How It Works


Not sure what to bring in? Do the D.U.C.K.


Gap, Cat & Jack, Carter's, Tea, Hanna Andersson, Under Armor, Nike, & more


We want the best for our customers and consignors.  We strive to provide clothing, toys, books, and equipment in the best condition possible.  Ready to wear items are a must.


Current styles are key to great quality! Items within 5 years of age are considered.


Newborn through youth size 18-20 and maternity clothing are considered for consignment along with kids toys, books, shoes, games, athletic gear, and equipment.


We treat your clothing with care and thoroughly inspect every item using our time-tested quality assurance process. Items that meet our quality standards are keyed into the system and made available for sale.  Some select items get their photos taken and made available on our online store.
  • We accept consignment Monday through Saturday, NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY.
  • No consignment accepted on Sunday
  • Items must be freshly laundered.
  • Items in trash bags will not be accepted. We prefer items folded in a tote, box, or re-usable shopping bag.
  • We will look at 50 items per consignor per day. Items should be thoughtfully chosen and folded nicely.
  • Our employees look over every item carefully.
  • Any items we can not accept will be returned to you that day.
  • You can also find our seasonal consignment schedule and items we cannot accept under "Consignment Schedule" on the menu above or click here .


When your items sell the money goes directly onto your account.  You receive 40% of the sale for items under $30 and 50% of the sale for items that sell over $30.  Two options are available to receive your funds.

Store Credit

Can be used at both Duck Worth Wearing Locations and The Loft just like cash.


Take out all or part of your account balance.  Over $25 we issue a check.


If your item has not sold after 90 days they will be converted to store inventory.  For items priced over $50, you will receive a call with the option to pick up your item or have it donated.

Converted items are either donated directly to charity or used to raise funds to support local programs and local/national/international missions.  A few groups we support: Downtown Ames and Ankeny events, school PTO carnivals, homeless and needy families, Ankeny TAKE program.

A quote from one of our charities: "People are excited to see my white car arrive! One man took lots of clothes and shoes to bring to South Sudan when he travels there in July....  Thanks again"


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